How Can I Show You My World?

I want to share my joy with you.

Why does that intention end in sadness.

How could it possibly?

If only i could show you the vividness through these eyes,

or make you feel its salty perspiring intensity from these pores. 

Perspective shifts could untie all of those knots inside your muscles. 

I want you to be able to see the world through my eyes,

on a magic carpet ride through new horizons,

if only for a moment. 

How can I provide a window into a world?

Do you ever wonder if there is something happening here

in this lifetime that you are completely MISSInG out on?

My HearT is discontented until i can show YOU the magic.

so please, open your mind up to it. 

Perhaps, if I could see more clearly into your portal,

i wouldn’t feel this way.


the same.

all on one planet together.



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